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Thursday, January 3, 2008

LOGO - Image Speaks More Than words!


What they do?
Real blogs are defined by their content. Of course its role in producing traffic makes it indispensable, but its potential for making reader craving has to be made possible only by the magic word "LOGO". Without this crown jewel in position, the content and its importance will not be able to reach your target readers.

Put to the test..
Checking whether your blog is hitting the target audience is a complex task. A neat and clean header for your blog can earn you a decent amount of readers. How many blogs that has worst headers do you remember? A simple LOGO can change the way your blog is being looked at.

Build to last..
For a natural boost of traffic, design a simple logo which gives your readers a feel of your subject.The quality of your LOGO makes your reader rely on your content. Likewise the content should be as straightforward as possible. Build a blog that can last longer much longer. As described earlier do things for the love of doing it.


1. Plan your subject of description.
2. Design a perfect header (i.e) with a perfect logo and a tag line.
3. Contact me for a nice and cool logo/header design for free.

Creativity is priceless..
Knowledge is free..



Abhinav Sood said...

Hi. Would you please check out Inspirit Blog and see if you can do anything about the logo?

It has to match the black background and has to be the same dimensions as the one in use. Can you do me a design or two?

Mail It To Me

Graphic Identity said...

Hi, where can I see your portfolio design? try to join
It is a great place for a designer like you :)

prakash said...

thanks for the comment mate, i'll post my portfolio soon..